Nationals of Pakistan, like most other countries, need to have Bangladesh visa endorsed on their passports before visiting Bangladesh. Visa is subject to clearance from the headquarters in Bangladesh.


Personal appearance during submission of visa application is mandatary.


The High Commission does not have any agent for processing passport, visa, travel permit or for any other consular service. The service seekers are advised to get in touch with the High Commission direct  for all kinds of service.


However, residents of Sindh Province (including Karachi) and Balochistan Province should submit visa application at Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Karachi


Application form for visa:


Applicants may collect hard copy of visa form from the counter of the Consular Section of High Commission or obtain it's PDF copy online by clicking the left icon below. The applicants may also fill form online and then print it by clicking the right icon below.




Process for visa:


  • Applicants are requested to submit at appropriate consular hours three copies of duly filled-in application form along with common & additional supporting documents
  • Documents in local language are to be submitted with notarized English translation
  • During submission, applicants are interviewed
  • Issuance of any visa is contingent upon clearance from the appropriate authorities in Bangladesh
  • The passport and application fee are not taken during submission of visa application.
  • The application is informed, if or when, visa clearance from the appropriate authorities in Bangladesh is received and asked to bring passport.
  • The applicaiton fee is received during delivery of visa. Receipt is issued by the High Commission at the time of payment.


Common documents to be attached with application for visa:


  • Three duly filled visa application forms (printed or typed) 
  • Three copies of recent passport size photograph
  • Passport (to be returned to the applicant and resubmitted on the day of delivery of visa, if approved) and three photocopies of passport (minimum validity of 6 months) and, in case of non-Pakistan passport, also photocopy of page of residence visa
  • Polio vaccine certificate
  • Copy of any utility bill of residence (for confirmaiton of address)
  • Three photocopies of national ID (NIC/CNIC)
  • Three copies of invitation letter from Bangladesh
  • Visa fee: (i) single-entry & double-entry visa: local currency equivalent of USD 2/-; and (ii) multiple-entry: local currency equivalent of USD 4/-. (to be paid not along with visa application but on the day of delivery of visa, if approved) [different fee structure for employment visa]
  • Additional supporting documents depending on category of visa (shown below)


Additional  documents based on type of visa:


VISIT VISA (High Commission can issue visit (T) visa with validity of short duration with single entry)

  • Letter of invitation from Bangladesh, enclosing copy of NID or passport of the inviting person
  • Copy of flight particulars


BUSINESS VISA (High Commission can issue business (B) visa with validity of maximum 6 months with multiple entry)

  • Letter of invitation from a sponsor in Bangladesh
  • Letter of authorization from company in Pakistan about proposed visit
  • Recommendation letter from a recognized business chamber in Pakistan 
  • Copy of registration of company in Pakistan
  • Bank statement of last 06 (six) months

EMPLOYMENT /TECHNICIAN VISA (High Commission can issue employment (E) and technician/installation (E1) visa with multiple entry for validity of 03 months as required)

  • Copy of contract of employment from concerned company in Bangladesh for employment visa
  • Copy of contract between two companies in Bangladesh and Pakistan for technician/installation visa
  • Letter of recommendation received direct by High Commission from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) or other government agencies of Bangladesh
  • In case of visa for dependent family member (FE) of someone on employment visa (E), copy of work permit, copy of valid employment visa (or BIDA's visa extension approval letter) of the concerned employee, and documents as evidence of status of dependent family member of the concerned employee have to be submitted, in addition
  • Visa fee: local currency equivalent of USD 172/-; receipt will be issued by the High Commission at the time of payment


INVESTOR VISA (High Commission can issue investor (PI) visa for validity of maximum one year with multiple entry)

  • Letter of recommendation from concerned company in Bangladesh
  • Letter of recommendation about investor status from Bangladesh Investment Development Authortiy (BIDA) of Bangladesh or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA)


STUDENT VISA (High Commission can issue student (S) visa for validity of 01 year with multiple entry)

  • Document related to admission
  • Bank statement of financier (unless admission is secured in a government institution and through government channel)



Defense personnel (serving or retired) are requested to submit the visa application through the Defence Wing of the High Commission (Contact number: +92-51-2279265 e-mail: They are also requested to submit additional form(s) as required.




The High Commission often comes across questions about Bangladesh visa for third country nationals living in Pakistan.

They can apply at Bangladesh High Commission in Pakistan, only if they have valid Pakistan residence visa endorsed on their passports.

Please click here for chart of fees for Bangladesh visa for different countries.




Following categories of travellers may be eligible for single-entry visa-on-arrival for a maximum validity of 30 days upon complete satisfaction of the immigration officer at Bangladesh port of entry:

(A) Travellers coming from countries where there is no Bangladesh diplomatic/consular mission are primarily eligible for visa-on-arrival.

(B) Investors/businesspersons are entitled to visa-on-arrival on the basis of invitation letter from relevant company in Bangladesh and certificate from BIDA/BEPZA. The inviting company should also inform Department of Immigration & Passports and Immigration Authority at airport priot to arrival of the investor/businessperson. 

(C) Travellers coming from, and holding passports of, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey, Brunei and European countries are eligbile for visa-on-arrival, if the purpose of visit is governemnt, business, investment or toursism.

(D) Foreigners of Bangladesh origin, their spouses and children are eligible for visa-on-arrival on the basis of relevant certifiacte/evidence.

(E) Officers/staff of foreign diplomatic missions, United Nations and UN organizations in Bangladesh are entitiled to visa-on-arrival upon examination of documents relating to the appointemnt and arrival by the immigration officer at the airport.

Please click here for detailed instructions regarding this category of visa.