Public Hearing Day

With a view to addressing any difficulties of general nature being faced by the service seekers, the Counsellor (Consular) of the High Commission or any other official designated by him will hear from service seekers directly in person without any appointment as per the schedule mentioned on the right column of this page.

First Monday of each month from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm


Interested persons may get in touch with the Receptionist to reach the Counsellor (Consular) or the designated official. 

Besides, any service seeker may express any legitimate grievances about service through dropping a letter in the 'complaint box' located just outside the main gate of the High Commission, giving his/her full contact information and a copy of passoort or CNIC.


He/she may also write to the High Commission about any legitimate grievances about quality of service by e mail to, giving his/her full contact information and scannec copy of passoort or CNIC.