Import from Bangladesh

Pakistan exports more to Bangladesh than it imports from Bangladesh. In order to balance the trade, Pakistani business persons are encouraged to import more from Bangladesh. The High Commission would be happy to assist any business person in his/her bid to import from Bangladesh. Any business person with plans to import from Bangladesh may get in touch with the Deputy High Commissioner (contact information is provided at the page 'List of Officers'). Existing importers are requested to write to the High Commission for their enlistment for invitation to any future events of the High Commission. 


Any prospective importer will find the Bangladesh Trade Portal  a very useful one-stop-online-source of official information for import from, and export to, Bangladesh. 


For a complete list of exportable products of Bangladesh, please click here.


For a list of exporters' associations of Bangladesh, please click here.


Following is a general list of items that Bangladesh is in a position to export in a competitive manner:


  1. Woven garments
  2. Knitwear
  3. Home textile
  4. Jute products
  5. Leather products
  6. Handicraft
  7. Potteries
  8. Ceramic products
  9. Food products
  10. Frozen fish
  11. Fruits
  12. Vegetables
  13. Tea
  14. Bicycle
  15. Ship
  16. ICT products
  17. Pharmaceuticals


The following products appear to have good prospect of increased export from Bangladesh to Pakistan:


  1. Leather products
  2. Silk & handicraft
  3. Ceramics
  4. Electronics
  5. Bicycles
  6. Plastic products
  7. Readymade garments & knitwear
  8. Chemicals
  9. Jute products
  10. Jute fibre
  11. Tea