A Bangladesh machine readable passport is valid for 05 years and non-renewable. On expiry of a passport, a new passport may be issued  on the basis of the expired passport and other documents. This High Commission cannot issue an altogether new passport without an old passport, except for children.


The High Commission does not have any agent for processing passport, visa, travel permit or for any other consular service. The service seekers are advised to get in touch with the High Commission direct  for all kinds of service.


However, residents of Sindh Province (including Karachi) and Balochistan Province should submit visa application at Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Karachi


Application form for MRP:


  • Applicants may collect hard copy of passport form from the counter of the Consular Section of High Commission or obtain it's simple PDF copy online by clicking the left icon below. The applicants may also fill form online and then print it by clicking the right icon below. They can also fill the form online and submit it online by visiting the clicking the bottom icon and visiting the central website of Department of Immigration & Passports.



Documents to be attached with application for MRP:


  • Two copies of recent passport size photograph
  • Photocopy of National ID or Birth Certificate (only for under 18) or National ID of father/mother (only for under 15)
  • Photocopy of old passport (first 03 pages) on A4 size paper
  • Photocopy of identity card and letter from the educational institution on A4 size paper (for student rate of processing fee)
  • Non-refundable processing fee (on the day of data enrolment)


Process for MRP:


  • Applicants are requested to submit at appropriate consular hours one copy of duly filled-in application form along with the supporting documents
  • At the time of submission, applicants will be informed of schedule of appointment for the data enrolment and photograph taking (usually 07 days from submission)
  • Payment of processing fee should be made in local currency to the counter on the day of data enrolment
  • Processing fee: local currency equivalent of USD 200 (express) & USD 100 (ordinary) for all applicants except USD 30 for students; receipt will be  issued by the High Commission at the time of payment
  • MRPs are printed at Department of Immigration and Passports in Dhaka, and delivery date is subject to their receipt from Dhaka
  • Applicants will be asked over phone to collect passport, when received from Dhaka and ready for delivery